Ville Laaksonen (born 1978) is a visual artist, curator and critic working in Turku and Helsinki, Finland. He’s contemporary esoteric works open gates, doors and windows to visualise heaven and hell on earth - and an aesthetic view on life through the vision of an idealist in beauty. Embracing spirituality life reveals its significance in its unique and delicate ways.

Laaksonen was stipendiate for the Union of Finnish Art Associations 2012 and exhibited in Varkaus Art Museum. At the same time Laaksonen had also been invited to exhibit in Artchapel, Turku and nominated as the curator for the Paulo Foundation Annual 2012. Laaksonen works actively on Finnish art scene and he has worked on several trusted positions. He is a member of Helsinki and Turku artists associations, Arte organisation and SKY, The Finnish Society for Curators. Laaksonen has exhibited in several solo and museum exhibitions.


2014-              MA, Art & Curating - Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
2009               MA, Art & Pedagogy - Aalto University School of Arts
2002               BA, Art History - University of Turku

2015               New-New-Age – Gallery Mältinranta, Tampere (coming)
2013               Ville Väri: Dead (Art) - Gallery G12, Helsinki
2013               Living Art Trilogy: Belief - Gallery Å, Turku

2013               Living Art Trilogy: Live - Black Wall Gallery, Vaasa

2013               Living Art Trilogy: Life - Gallery Napa/Studio Mustanapa, Rovanniemi

2012               Fourth Dimension - (invited), Artchapel, Turku

2012               Third Eye - Stipendiate of Union of Finnish Art Associations, Museum of Varkaus, Varkaus
2011               The Other - Kapriisi Gallery, Tampere

2011               One - Katariina Gallery, Helsinki

2011               Idealist Trilogy: Love - Maaret Finnberg Gallery, Turku

2010               Idealist Trilogy: Hope - Poriginal Gallery, Pori

2010               Idealist Trilogy: Faith - Saskia Gallery, Tampere

2009               Time - Nefret Gallery, Turku

2006               Googles - KlubiGallery, Turku


2015               Wunderkammer, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki (coming)
2015               Praxis-exhibition – Collaborative curating , Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (coming)
2015               Love Buzz II / Mobile Gallery, Turku (coming ± Henna Aho) (coming)
2015               Public Paper @ Vallila, public art, Helsinki (coming)
2015-              AltoGame Virtual Gallery – 3D virtualgallery (gallerist/curator)
2014-15          Arteground Scandinavia - group (curator)
2013               Love Buzz / Car Peace – Public artwork (± Henna Aho)            
2012               Certainty Precedes The End - Annual of Paulo Foundation, Gallery FAFA, Helsinki
2010               Fast Art? - groupexhibition, Factory Superstars Art Fair, Cable Factory, Helsinki
2010               Holy Doom - groupexhibition, Gallery Maaret Finnberg, Turku

2009               Course of Art - groupexhibition, Gallery Nefret, Turku

2008-09          KlubiGallery - alternative & underground galleryproject, Turku (curator)


2016               Gallerie Pleiku, Berlin, Germany (coming ± Henna Aho)
2015               Gallerie TOOLBOX, Berlin, Germany (coming ± Henna Aho)
2015               Truth = Happiness? - Arteground Group, Gallery Stenhallen, Öland, Sweden (coming)
2015               Örebro OpenART, groupinstallation, Örebro, Sweden (coming)
2014               4th Baltic Biennale - St. Petersburg, Russia
2014               New Painting from Finland and Sweden - group exhibition, Jaus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2013               Waiting for the Expo - group exhibition, Gallery ArtMeet, Milan, Italy

2013               Pataphysische Topologien - Pataphysisches Institut Basel (PIB), Basel, Switzerland (± Henna Aho)
2007               Goldener Kentaur - competition, Kuenstlerhaus, Munich, Germany

2007               Ahne 5 - group exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia


2015               Gallery Kone, Hämeenlinna (coming ± Henna Aho)

2014               Running With Scissors / Electric Fingertips - Gallery Aarni, Espoo (± Henna Aho)

2014               Anthems Of Reality Principle - Gallery Rajatila, Tampere (± Henna Aho)

2013               Turu Väri: Love, I’m 24 hours Open for you - Gallery Pihatto, Lappeenranta (± Henna Aho)
2012               Turu Väri: The Bigger Picture - LOGOMO, Turku (± Henna Aho)

2011               Honest Painters: Let The Picture Come - Gallery G12, Kuopio (± Sami Korkiakoski)

2011               This is Not RuSSSia - Installation, ArtShortCut ArtSpace, Helsinki (± Sebastian Ziegler)

2007               This is Not AmeriKKKa - performance & public artwork, Patarei, Tallinna. (± Artturi Elovirta)
2006               Honest Painters: Importance of Being Ernest - Poriginal, Pori (± Sami Korkiakoski)


2015               Exhibiting Painting – Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki
2014               Flow - Annual of Turku Artists’ Association, Gallery Å, Turku & Gallery 5, Oulu

2013               Greatest of All is Love? - Wainö Aaltonen Museum (WAM), Turku. (± Henna Aho)

2013               Companions - Annual of Salo artists association (invited), Salo
2012               War or Peace? - Museum of Etelä-Karjala, Lappeenranta

2012               One Party! - Wäinö Aaltonen Museum (WAM), Turku

2011               Now! - Biennale of Helsinki Artist Association ́11, Kanneltalo gallery, Helsinki

2011               Billnäs Young Artists’ - competition, Gallery Uusitalo, Billnäs

2011               Summer Exhibition - Artcenter Salmela, Mäntyharju

2011               Dream Images - Saarijärvi Museum, Saarijärvi

2004               Art Of Basware - competition, Sanomatalo, Helsinki

2004               Yellow Art II - competition, Gallery Purkamo, Cable Factory, Helsinki


2012               Stipendiate of Union of Finnish Art Associations
2011               Curator of Annual of Paulo Foundation


2014               Schleutker Foundation - Ghiffa, Italy

2013-14          Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum - Turku, Finland
2013               Arts Promotion Centre Finland - Genoa, Italy
2012               Sfakiotes - Lefkada, Creece

2011               Art Centre Salmela - Mäntyharju, Finland

2010               Rooftop studios - Berlin, Germany


Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Matti Koivurinta Foundation, Turku

Åbo Akademie, Tritonia, Vaasa

Artcenter Salmela

Mäntyharju Municipality

Patarei Culturepark, Tallinn, Estonia

Several private and company collections in Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, USA and Saudi-Arabia

Finnish Painters’ Union (Full Member)
The Finnish Society for Curators, SKY
Helsinki Artists Association

Turku Artists Association

Arte ry

2015 -             Arte ry & Titanik Gallery – Chairman
2011-13          The Finnish Society for Curators, SKY - boardmember
2011-    – critic (
2010-11          Finnish Painters’ Union – boardmember