Gallery Huuto, Jätkä I & II, Helsinki

LOVEBUZZ - mobile gallery (curatorial)
JUNE 2015

(Curatorial exhibition, Gallery FAFA, Helsinki, 2012)

Curator of Paulo Foundation annual 2012.

(Curatorial Exhibition, Galleria Maaret Finnberg, Turku, 2010)

PYHÄ TUHO was a group exhibition organized and curated by Ville Laaksonen. Idea of the exhibition was to build up an exhibition by inviting 2 Curators (Juha-Heikki Tihinen and Annamari Vänskä) and 3 artists (Maaria Oikarinen, Janne Räisänen and Sara Toivonen) to participate and give their point of view to this curatorial process. Curatorial process selected 6 artists to participate to exhibition among 150 applicants. Exhibition theme was beauty.

Exhibition catalog can be seen on exhibitions own page.

FAST ART / NOPEA TAIDE (Curatorial exhibition, Merikaapelihalli / Cable Factory, Helsinki, 2010)

Another curatorial project NOPEA TAIDE (eng. Fast Art) also takes two different kinds of artist groups. Idea was to connect thinking between fashion designers and artists. Fashion and design are nowadays leaning strongly towards individuality of design and how unique can still be produced in masses. Artists mostly swear on unique nature of their work, originality that can not be copied.

Exhibition was a curatorial part of Factory Superstars Art Fair held in Helsinki Cable Factory 30. – 31.10.2010.

COURSE OF ART / TAITEEN KURSSI (curatorial exhibition / performance, Gallery Nefret, Turku, 2009)

Taiteen Kurssi
presented a group on 30 Finnish artists. It was organized and curated by Ville Laaksonen. The concept of the exhibition was to ask these thirty artists the same question: "What lays behind the value of art?" (questioning the balance between emotional value and money). Johan Tetzel quotation "As soon a coin in coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs." in invitation leads to question on the price of ones soul, and the priceless meaning of art. Exhibition presented a group artists; some are emerging, some established, and some totally unknown! Everybody was on the same line with this. Exhibition also included lectures by art researcher Pauliina Laitinen-Laiho and artist Jani Leinonen. As a finale, all the works of the exhibition were auctioned in a performance of the curator Ville Laaksonen. Auction was not a typical one, but one where the emotional value of art was shouted out!


Heini Aho (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)

Maria Arponen (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Markus Berg (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
 Juhana Blomstedt (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Elina Brotherus (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Toni Hautamäki (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Tatu Hiltunen (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Mikko Ijäs (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Antti Jussila (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Jussi Jääskeläinen (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Sami Korkiakoski (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Mika Natri (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Ukri Merikanto (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Eero Merimaa (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Benjamin Orlow (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Nelli Palomäki (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Tamara Piilola (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Teemu Raudaskoski (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Topi Ruotsalainen (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Juri Saarikoski (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Sampsa Sarparanta (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Hans-Peter Schütt (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Janne Siltanen (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Sirpa Särkijärvi (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Kalle Taivainen (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Sara Orava (ent. Toivonen) (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Timo Vaittinen (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Hanna Varis (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Juha Welling (TAITEEN KURSSI,  2009)
Maria Hietalahti(NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Klaus Kopu (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Topi Ruotsalainen (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Samppa Törmälehto (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Ville-Veikko Viikilä (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Saara Kivimäki (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Piia Keto ja Marjo Kuusinen (KaksiTvÅ) (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Irene Häggkvist (Irene Mikaela) (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Mimosa Pale (Himo) (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Marjut Uotila (Dusty) (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)
Heidi Wikar (NOPEA TAIDE,  2010)

Jenni Hiltunen  (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Anna-Liisa Kankaanmäki (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Torsti Niskanen (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Kukka Paavilainen (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Tiina Pyykkinen (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Matti Rantanen (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Kim Somervuori (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Timo Tähkänen (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Maaria Oikarinen (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Janne Räisänen (PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)
Sara Orava, (ent. Toivanen(PYHÄ TUHO,  2010)